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1. Supported Features and Components

Click here to view a list of all features and components we support.

2. Guestbook

It is possible to run a guestbook on your site with our Windows hosting plans. When selecting the application, please note that you will need to find one which supports ASP 3.0 and Access, or ASP.NET and MS SQL (if you have signed up for our MS SQL service).…

3. CGI-BIN Directory

Will I have access to my own cgi-bin directory? Answer: All customers (excluding Email Hosting customers), have access to their own cgi-bin in which they may place their own custom CGI scripts. CGI is often used to accomplish tasks which are not supported…

4. Customized 404 Error Page

Windows 2008 Platform If you have signed up on February 28, 2008 or later for the Premium or Professional plan and want to customize the 404 page for the Windows portion of your hosting plan, please contact support@myhosting.com. In the future it should be…

5. ASP.NET Forms Authentication

How to password protect files and directories under Windows 2008/IIS 7.0 We have created a Password Protection application which works with .NET which you can use to secure files and folders under your Windows 2008/IIS 7.0 hosting account. This application…


What is ASP.NET? ASP.NET is a coding language which lets you create dynamic web pages. Such uses could be a search page, a discussion forum, or an e-commerce shopping cart. ASP.NET server controls have been designed to allow you to build great pages with…

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