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1. Perl

Details of Perl Setup The Perl "path" is the same as is visible via FTP. For example, the path to your tmp directory is /tmp, and the path to your document root is /docs Socket functions are disabled All Perl scripts must be in the /cgi-bin directory to execute.…

2. PHP

Platform for PHP and Perl Our support for PHP and Perl is on our native Linux accounts. These Linux account are running CentOS with Apache. ionCube PHP Loader The ionCube PHP Loader is a decryption utility that is used to decode files encrypted by IonCube…

3. Information about PHP, Perl and MySQL

Perl Resources http://www.perl.com/reference/query.cgi?tutorials - A helpful Perl tutorial/help section http://www.programmingtutorials.com/cgip.html - CGI tutorials http://www.perlclinic.com - Professional Perl help http://www.cgi101.com/class/ - Intro level…

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