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1. MovableType

Information on MovableType MovableType provides a support forum to post your questions and find possible answers. Installing MovableType When setting up Moveable Type create 2 subdirectories called 'mt' - one in the /docs directory, and one in the /cgi-bin…

2. Password Protection

Protecting your Entire Site You can enable Password Protection to your entire IIS webspace site or individual directory/folder by removing the anonymous access and adding service users with web access. You need to complete the following steps to enable Password…

3. Create 301 redirects in onCloud

Modifying your web.config File to Create Redirects on your Windows IIS Website The following example code placed in your web.config on the root of your website (/wwwroot/ folder in most cases) will allow you to redirect visitors from http://your-website.tld/test.htm…

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