Data Transfer and Disk Space
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What happends if I go over my Data Transfer Limit

You will be notified by email ahead of time when you are about to exceed your monthly data transfer allowance. At that time, you will be able to select billing options that suit your Data Transfer needs. Any additional Data Transfer will be billed to you according to the usage fees.

Will I be charged for Data Transfer?

All hosting services are subjected to a monthly data transfer allowance. Each service plan includes a different amount of data transfer. All additional data transfer will be billed at US $0.50 / 100MB transferred. This charge is billed in arrears, and will appear on your billing statement the month following the month of usage. For example, if your service plan included 20 GB of transfer and you used 22 GB during the month, you will be responsible for the additional 2 GB at the beginning of the next month. If you cancel your account, you will still be responsible for any additional usage that is incurred.

Why don't you give the limitation in the space without charging for the over disk space usage?

To provide your site with full functionality, we do not limit disk usage space. If we were to do so, it may result in users not being able to receive email or a loss of their website functionality. We currently allow our hosting customers to use as much space as they want.

NOTE: We encourage our customers to check their disk usage on a regular basis. To check your disk usage, please visit the Control Panel.

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