Support Case Statuses
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Case Status

In the Control Panel in the Customer Care section you can view all your existing Customer Support requests by clicking on View Support Cases. Each Case is assigned a specific status. Below is a description of each Case Status:

  • Open: Your Case has been received by our Customer Support Department and has been assigned to an Agent. You can expect a reply shortly.
  • Escalated: The Customer Support Agent required assistance with your Case, and has requested help from another department.
  • Pending Your Input: A reply has been sent for your Case. Please review the Case or check your email to see the response. You can reply if you require further information.
  • Closed: The Case is completed and has been Resolved. If the Case is not resolved to your satisfaction, please reply and we will re-open it.

Email Status

To view all the details of a case, you can click on the Subject. If their is any email correspondence for your Case, you will see a list of all the email messages, both from you and from us. Each email also has a status, which well help you see what type of action was taken.

  • Open: Your email has been assigned to a Customer Support Agent.
  • Replied To: The Customer Support Agent has replied to your email.
  • Email Sent: This is the message sent by the Customer Support Agent and will include the solution to your Case. You should also find this email in your Inbox.
  • Closed: The email was closed and has not been replied to. This should only appear if you have sent multiple emails, check the other emails related to your case to find your response.
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