iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Configuration with myhosting.com Hosted Exchange Email
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You can follow the steps outlined below to configure your iOS device with your myhosting.com Hosted Exchange Email account.

  1. From your iOS device, click on Settings
  2. Select the link for "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
  3. Here click Add Account...
  4. Select account type Microsoft Exchange for your ActiveSync account
  5. For Email and Username put your full email address (ie. user@domain.com) and enter your password. Once done click Next
  6. Important: Exchange will try and automatically enter the server for you. However due to a bug in iOS with ActiveSync's Autodiscover feature, the server selected will not be accurate. Please change the Server to "ex.myhosting.com" for an onCloud account or "ex7.myhosting.com" if you have a Classic account. Click Next, then on Save to complete adding the account.

Note: The bug in regard to iOS devices obtaining the incorrect server address using Autodiscover has been identified and we are working to permanently fix the issue. For now the temporary workaround is to change the server field manually. Thank you for your understanding and patience while the issue is worked on.

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