FTP Upload Using Expression Web / Frontpage
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FTP Upload Using Expression Web / Frontpage

The following instructions will cover typical usage of Expression Web to connect to your web space. The instructions are only for individuals with a direct Internet connection, via modem or network. If you are behind a firewall or proxy server, the information below may not work. Consult your network administrator for more information.


  • domain_name.com = Use your own domain name.
  • 168.144.xxx.xxx = Use your own IP number (If your domain name is not pointing to our name servers yet)
  • username = Use your own username
  • password = Use your own password

Publishing to Your Web Site

  1. From the File drop down menu, select Open Site.

  2. Enter your FTP location "ftp:// **your Domain .com** " (see below image for formatting).

  3. Then select "Edit local copy now, and publish changes to the server later" and click OK

  4. Then fill in the appropriate fields.

  5. Overview: Ensure that your settings are as follows:
    • FTP should be selected by default at this point, if not, make sure it is opted as per the below image.
    • The Web Site location should also be filled for you already, if not ensure that it is as per the below image.
    • The Root Directory varies depending on the type of account you are on. Windows 2008 accounts should enter "wwwroot" as per the below image. If you are using our Basic Linux platform then this would be the "docs" folder. If you are on our legacy Windows 2003 platform this can be left blank.
    • Click Next.

  6. After logging in from the "Site" window, which is used to transfer files to and from your Web site, the following will display:


    • The right frame represents the files and folders on your Web server.
    • The left frame is your local file list. This is the frame to which you will drag and drop the files on your local system.
    • You can transfer files to and from your Web server by simply selecting the files you want and dragging them to the appropriate location. So for example, if you wish to upload your entire website, you would select all the files in that folder on your local computer on the right window, and drag them all over to the root "/" of your Web server in the left window.

There are many more options available in Expression Web. See the software's documentation for more information on the advanced options.

NOTE: The instructions above assume that software has been installed correctly on your system.When transferring files via FTP, do NOT overwrite or add any files to a folder with a "_" prefix like "_vti_scripts". These folders are used as part of the FrontPage Extensions. Modifying anything in those folders can corrupt the FrontPage Extensions.

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