FTP Upload Using WS FTP LE
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FTP Upload Using WS FTP LE

The following instructions cover typical usage of WS_FTP. The instructions are only for individuals with a direct Internet connection, via modem or network. If you are behind a firewall or proxy server, the information below may not work. Consult your network administrator for more information.


  • domain_name.com = Use your own domain name
  • 168.144.xxx.xxx = Use your own IP number (If your domain name is not pointing to our name servers yet)
  • username = Use your own username
  • password = Use your own password.

Connecting to Your Web Site

  1. Start WS_FTP. The session properties window will display.

  2. Complete the following fields:
    • Profile Name - A friendly method of identifying the connection. Once you create the profile, it will be available from the drop down list for future use
    • Host Address - Your FTP domain name*, for example: ftp.domain_name.com
    • User ID - Your administrator user name
    • Password - Your administrator password

  3. Check the Save Pwd box to save your password (optional).

  4. Click OK to save the configuration and log in to the account.

Uploading Files to Your Web Site

  1. Log in. The WS_FTP main window, which is used to transfer files to and from your Web site, will display the following:

    • The left frame is your local files list.
    • The right frame is your Web server files list.

  2. Set the correct transfer mode at the top. All Web page files must be uploaded in ASCII, while all programs must be uploaded in Binary. You can use the Auto checkbox to allow WS_FTP to determine the appropriate transfer mode, however, if you encounter any problems, you may want to select the transfer mode manually.

  3. You will automatically be placed in the root folder of your website on your Web server. You may need to navigate through your local files and folders on the left to locate the folder you've reserved for your website.

  4. To transfer or upload your website from your computer to our server, select all the files needed in the window on the left side. Then click on the button with the arrow pointing towards the right. This will begin the uploading process. Depending on the speed of your computer, this can take from a few seconds to several minutes. It will notify you when it has completed the uploading process in the Server Messages window.

NOTE: The instructions above assume that software has been installed correctly on your system. When transferring files via FTP, do NOT overwrite or add any files to a folder with a "_" prefix like "_vti_scripts". These folders are used as part of the FrontPage Extensions. Modifying anything in those folders can corrupt the FrontPage Extensions.

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