LAMP VPS - Getting Started Guide
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LAMP for Linux VPS

A complete LAMP stack is provided for all Linux VPS subscriptions! You're fitted with the following depending on your OS:

CentOS Debian Ubuntu
• Apache • Apache • Apache

• PHPmyadmin • PHPmyadmin

Over and above this, you can choose to install numerous other preconfigured templates as well including support for:

  • ProFTP and VsFTP
  • Java Runtime Environment and SDK
  • IMAP & Other Mail Server options
  • Tomcat
  • Webalizer
  • and much more!

How do I Install the Additional Software Options?

You can install from our list of available applications from your onCloud Control Panel:

  1. Log into
  2. Choose your VPS subscription from the dropdown list at the top right hand side of the panel.
  3. Click the "VPS Management" tab and then click the "Applications" sub-tab on that page.
  4. From here you will see the currently installed templates, click "Install" to see the additional packages available for installation.
  5. Select the application you wish to install and click "Submit"

The application will begin to install instantly. Reboots may be required for some changes to take affect after the installation has completed. It's highly recommended you avoid using your VPS while installations occur and very highly recommend you leave it running while installations are running.

Where is the default web accessible folder on my VPS?

The location of your default root web accessible folder (automatically created and ready to display your web files) varies depending on your OS.

For CentOS:


For Debian:


For Ubuntu:

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