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General Features

Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007

Based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 which includes:

  • Personal Email, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, Notes
  • Group Calendars & Contacts, scheduling and availability tracking,
    shared files and folders.
  • Full support of Microsoft Outlook® and Entourage® desktop software.
  • Mobility features based on ActiveSync and Outlook Web Access
Mobile Email Your emails, contacts and tasks are fully synchronized with mobile devices such as any PocketPC or Windows® Mobile device, Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm® Treo or other Symbian based cell phones. More
Desktop Software

All customers receive a free licensed copy of Microsoft Outlook 2007 or Entourage for Mac with every Exchange Mailbox.

Anti-Spam and Virus protection Our system will scan and mark spam emails and will drop any email that contains a virus.
Account Activation and Setup All accounts are activated instantly. One-click automated configuration scripts allow you to set up your Outlook 2007 desktop software, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry or iPhone in less than a minute.
Your own domain name

Use your own domain name with your email address. If you already have a domain name, you can migrate it to our service in a few easy steps. Our team is ready to help get you up-and-running immediately. More

Hassle free! The service is hosted for you by All servers are managed, monitoring, and backed-up for you so you don’t have to worry about the reliability, performance, security and privacy of your emails. With the web-based Control Panel, you can add and delete new users and edit user settings such as aliases, distribution lists and passwords for all users in your organization right from your browser.
Archiving & Compliance As an optional service, offers a full-featured email archiving and compliance solution that records and monitors all of your organization’s email communications.
Month to month contract Flexible month-to-month billing is available, but if you sign up for a longer term contract you will be eligible for a discount. If you sign up now there is no setup fee, the first 30-days are free, and you can register your own domain name for free.

Productivity Features

Personal and Shared Calendars

Not only do you have your own personal calendar, but you can also share your calendar with others in your organization. You can track your own schedule or use calendar sharing to view the availability of a co-worker before scheduling an appointment. You can also create shared calendars for schedule conference rooms, resources and more.

Personal and Shared Contacts

You can keep a list of your own contacts, as well as share them with other people in your organization.

Personal and Shared Task Manager

Assign tasks to yourself or co-workers anytime, anywhere. Tasking, along with e-mail, helps busy business owners and managers easily keep track of operations.

Personal Notes Now you can take your post-it notes off your desk and into Outlook. You can even synchronize your notes to some mobile devices, like the BlackBerry.
Corporate Address Book This feature allows you to manage a corporate address book where all the contacts in the organization are stored in a shared public folder and can be accessed by virtually anyone in the organization.
Group Scheduling with Real-Time Availability

Now you can schedule a group meeting by inviting fellow employees to join a meeting. You can also view who is available and when, so that you can plan a meeting when everybody is free.

Mailbox Size All Exchange mailboxes come with a 2 GB storage limit. You will be notified before your mailbox is full. If you run out of space, you can increase your storage limit through the Control Panel, or export and archive your old emails to clear up space for new email.
Resource Mailboxes You can create mailboxes which represent conference rooms or any shared equipment. When you add a resource to any meeting request, it will automatically be booked for you if available, and will automatically decline if unavailable. This helps reduce conflict by ensuring that resources don’t become double-booked.
Distribution Lists Distribution list allow you to create email addresses which forward to multiple recipients simultaneously.
Global Contacts and Shared Resources All of the members of your organization are automatically added to your Global Address List. Also, any distribution list you create is automatically inserted. You can also customize the information which appears in the Global Address List, as well as add additional contacts that you want to share with the rest of your organization.
Shared Public Folders You can share files, tasks, calendars and contacts with your entire team using Public Folders. Or take it a one step further and use Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.
Sorting, Filtering and Forwarding Included are both basic and advanced rules for filtering unwanted email, sorting emails into sub-folders, forwarding them to others, or categorizing or color coding emails based on many criteria.
WebReady Document Viewing A new option in Outlook Web Access allows you to access Microsoft Office email attachments (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF) as Web Pages, even if Microsoft Office isn’t installed on your computer.
Fast Search A rewritten search algorithm noticeably boosts the speed at which Outlook can find specific messages in large message stores. Outlook Web Access and Mobile Devices can also use Server Side Searching capabilities.
Out-of-office Replies and Forwarding You can set auto replies if you’re out of the office or on vacation, or forward emails them to your colleagues.
Large Attachments Sending large documents, files, or pictures? No problem. We support attachments up to 100 MB.
Automatic Folder Cleanup You can set up a scheduled, automated email deletion in any email folder. This allows you to delete unwanted emails at regular intervals so your mailbox doesn’t get full.
Deleted Items Outlook provides a way to recover items after you have permanently deleted them, even after emptying the Deleted Items folder.
Multi-Language Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Outlook Web Access are available in multiple languages. Spell checking in multiple languages are also supported.
Email Signatures You can create your own custom email signature that will be sent with every email.
Import and Export You can import your existing emails and contact to the Exchange server and export your emails and contact on Exchange server to an Outlook PST file for archiving or take-away reasons. Additionally, our web-based import and export tools allow you do complete imports and exports easily.
Work Offline Work Offline using Microsoft Outlook 2007 or Entourage for Mac. If you are without Internet access, you can still access everything already in Outlook or Entourage.
Multiple Protocol Support All Exchange accounts include full Exchange MAPI support with RPC over HTTPS, POP3, IMAP4, and SMTP. All supported protocols are also available encrypted with SSL.
Multiple Email Addresses You can set up multiple email addresses with different domain names or user names. For Example, if you have, you can have or or any other email address delivered to your email address. See also: “Multiple Accounts” page.
Email Aggregator

Our Email Aggregator allows you to automatically download email from multiple email accounts or mailboxes into your existing Exchange account. This process occurs periodically throughout the day and night, whether you are logged into your account or not. See also: “Multiple Accounts” page.

Multiple “From Address”

You can use multiple “From Addresses” when sending emails from your account. This allows you to send an email that appears to come from one of your other email accounts. See also: “Multiple Accounts” page.

Mobile Email Features

Mobile Phones

Our exchange service supports Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Treo, Symbian with ActiveSync and other cell phone devices.


BlackBerry devices require the additional BlackBerry Enterprise Server add-on. Symbian based Phones may require RoadSync by DataViz for DirectPush synchronization. More

Outlook Web Access

This rich, web-based client allows you to access your email, contacts and calendar from any Web Browser, and is enhanced further for Internet Explorer. More

ActiveSync or Push Email

DirectPush Email Technology based on ActiveSync involves having a persistent Internet connection on your portable device. The Exchange Server sends or "pushes" emails, contacts, tasks to the device as soon as they arrive on the Exchange server or you update them. You don’t have to click buttons on your cell phone to check if you have a new item. This means real time wireless synchronization of emails, calendars, tasks and contacts between your cell phone and the Exchange Server.

Improved Email Support for HTML messages, adding follow-up flags, or retrieving meeting attendee information.
Security Remote Wipe: If your device is lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised, you can issue a remote wipe command from the Exchange Server. Enhanced device security through password policies: Exchange ActiveSync lets you configure several options for your device password.
Server Side Search

Both mobile and Outlook Web Access server-search can search all your emails, tasks, and contacts on the Exchange server and return results quickly.

Easy Device Setup Windows Mobile: Send configuration details to your cell phone as an SMS message and let the phone configure itself. iPhone: Using the iPhone’s built-in Enterprise setup, just download the settings from our control panel and let the iPhone configure itself. BlackBerry: Using the built-in Activation wizard, just enter your username and PIN and let the phone configure itself.

Branding Features

Custom OWA Login Page

You can fully customize the Outlook Web Access login page to look the way you want it to. You can use one of our pre-built templates, customize one of the templates, or even build your own from scratch.

Custom OWA Logo

You can insert any logo or image that you like into Outlook Web Access, to complete the custom branding experience.

Personalized or Generic OWA
Domain Name

Using your own domain name or our generic, unbranded domain name, you can completely hide our brand from Outlook Web Access users. Combined with the Custom Login page and Logo, your users will not see any branding other than your own.

OWA Appearance Settings In addition to the default, we have created additional color schemes for a total of 9 different appearance settings in Outlook Web Access. Each user can pick something that suits their taste.

Management Features

End-user Notification Emails

Using our pre-built email template you can notify new Exchange users once their  account has been set up and is ready for use.

End-User Self Management

Your users can manage many of their own personal account settings directly from Outlook Web Access by clicking on My Email Settings. This feature is seamlessly integrated with the default Outlook Web Access feature set, and does not compromise your branding settings.

Administrator Permission Three levels of permission allow you to define a user as an end user, an administrator without billing permission, or an administrator with billing permission. An administrator has access to manage and configure some domain-level features and end-user features for any user. Administrators with billing permission can add new users or features that will affect the billing of your account. This allows you to delegate your account management appropriately to those that you trust.
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