Reseller Program
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Definition of a Reseller

A Reseller is one who sells our services while providing an enhanced level of service to their clients. These services may contain web page design, audio or video content, etc. A Reseller will provide support to their clients and bill them according to their specifications. We simply bill our Resellers and provide technical support to them directly.

Becoming a Reseller

If you are interested in becoming a Reseller of please log into your Control Panel and then click on My Account and then Reseller Program. There you can find more information or sign up for our reseller program.

Minimum Requirements

You must have one hosting account in order to qualify as a Reseller. We feel that in order to best represent, you must use the services for yourself.

Making Money

As a Reseller you can offer a comprehensive suite of services to your customers. You can combine our leading web hosting products with your own value-added services like; web site development, programming, customized services, specialized expertise, consulting, networking, integration, service training and or support. Since a Reseller will be adding value in some unique way, they will usually charge a fee above the standard retail rate that is normally charged by Our Resellers can advertise our services as their own presenting a far more complete package of services to both their existing client base and any new contacts they encounter.

Charging Your Customers

It is at your discretion to charge whatever you want to your customers. We just take care of the technical side--domain registration, account setup, and other demands as per your request. You will be charged for all domains active under your billing account. It is your responsibility to collect funds from all of your clients.

Domain Name Registration and Billing

A Reseller should list themselves as the Administrative Contact for a domain and should list the actual company as the owner of the domain name, by using the company name and address in the Organization Information section of the registration. The Organization section should not be listed as the Reseller's company, unless the domain name will actually be owned/used by the Reseller. The Billing Contact can be listed as either the company or the Reseller. However, if the client is listed as the Billing Contact, the Reseller should make sure that the client understands they are responsible for payment of the domain renewal. It is probably less confusing for the client if the Reseller is billed by the domain registrar, and then, in turn, bills the client.

Support For Your Customers

The Reseller program is designed to work so that the Reseller acts as front line support for their customers. In the event the Reseller is asked a question he does not know, the Reseller then contacts us on behalf of the customer. As a standard procedure and in order to avoid possible conflicts, we normally do not interact with the customers of the Reseller.

Justification for Reselling

Because a Reseller is providing additional services that does not provide directly to customers, the Reseller is justified in charging a higher fee to their customers.

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