Palm webOS Exchange Configuration
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Your Hosted Exchange account can be configured on Palm webOS using the below steps. The following instructions assume that you have not already configured any other email account on your device.

The steps below are for Palm webOS enabled devices such as the Palm Pre or Palm Pixi. If you have a Palm Treo with Windows Mobile, please refer to the Windows Mobile device configuration steps. If you have a Palm Treo with PalmOS you can obtain the Exchange ActiveSync update from Palm Support.

1. Tap the mail icon on the home screen.

2. Unless you’ve previously configured a mailbox, you will be presented with a prompt to Add an Account. On this page, click Edit at the top of the screen and choose Manual Setup. (if you’ve previously configured a mailbox, click Email > Preferences & Accounts at the top of the screen instead, then choose Add an Account)

3. On the manual Add an Account screen, choose Exchange (EAS) as the Mail Type. Enter your full email address in the email address field and as the Incoming Mail server. Leave the domain field blank, then enter your full email address as the username and your password. Click Sign In and after a few moments, your Palm will be syncing your exchange data!

That's it! Your device will begin syncing and you'll have the following start screen under the email icon from now on!

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