Accessing the Installed Application Directory
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For this article, we will be using a wordpress as an example.

  1. In the Oncloud control panel, click on Applications
  • Click on the name of the Application (Wordpress, Joomla, etc)
Application Vault list
Application Vault list

Note here, you will see the following, jot down the ID number of the wordpress blog you're trying to modify:

Application ID Number
Application ID Number

Modify Using onCloud File Manager

  1. Navigate to your hosting space File Manager tool
    1. Click "Websites"
    2. Select your domain name
    3. Click on "File Manager"
    4. Click "Open File Manager" (click 'Activate' if you have yet to use this feature)
    5. In the "Go To:" field, enter "../siteapps/**Application ID Number**" where **Application ID Number** is the one you jotted down previously.
    6. Click ">" button and you'll be within the hidden Application directory of your installed web application. From there you can navigate throughout the application files and modify them as you see fit.
File Manager Sample Path
File Manager Sample Path

Modify using FTP

  • Log into the server using FTP - In this example we have used Filezilla.
  • Select the folder "siteapps" in the file structure tree.
  • In the area for the file path, which will say "/webspaces/siteapps" enter the ID number where it says "ID NUMBER" in the image, and then hit enter
FileZilla Sample Path
FileZilla Sample Path

Here will display the applications installed files for a particular application. Here you can delete or set permissions for a particular folder here.

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