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What is ActiveSync?

ActiveSync is a software application that allows you to synchronize information between your local Outlook client and your Windows Mobile. ActiveSync is integrated into Exchange Server 2007 and this provides you with the option of directly synchronizing information between your mobile device and your exchange mailbox. The latest version of ActiveSync can be downloaded from Microsoft.

Please note that in Windows Vista, ActiveSync is replaced with the Windows Sync Center.

Business Exchange Professional ActiveSync Settings

To connect to your Business Exchange Professional account using ActiveSync, please use the settings below. For detailed information, please log into your account Control Panel and go to Manage Account for the account you wish to configure.

Your ActiveSync settings are:

ActiveSync Settings for Windows Mobile 2003, 5.0 and 6.0 Devices
Server Name:
User Name: ** Exchange Email Address **
Domain: caex
Password: ** Your Password **
Desktop Settings for Windows Mobile Device Center and ActiveSync
Server Name:
User Name: ** Exchange Email Address **
Domain: caex
Password: ** Your Password **

ActiveSync for other Email Account Types

Technically, you cannot add Exchange features to an email account not hosted on an Exchange Server. However, with the Hosted Exchange Email Professional Plan, you can configure a scenario in which you forward your non-Exchange email to your Exchange mailbox, and change the FROM address to your existing email address.

  1. First, sign up for a Professional account.
  2. Once your account is active, you can then set up a Alternate Email Address, using your existing, non-Exchange email address.
  3. Next, you can forward all your email from your existing email address to your new Exchange mailbox, either via Email Forwarding from your email provider's options, or by using our Email Aggregator feature. (This will work only with email providers who allow you to forward your email, or providers who offer POP3/IMAP4 access to their mailboxes.)
  4. Finally, you can change set the Primary From Address for your exchange account to the Alternate Email Address you created in step 2.

Alternately, this can be easily configured by following the NEW FEATURE link from the Manage Account page of your Hosted Exchange Email Control Panel.

As a result, all your incoming mail to your non-Exchange email address will be forwarded to your Exchange account, and whenever you send email from your Exchange account, it will appear to have come from your non-Exchange email address. This powerful set of features allows you to add Exchange features without having to change your email address, ensuring that all your existing contacts will still be able to reach you.

ActiveSync reports "Server certificate expired" or "INTERNET_37" errors

When attempting to ActiveSync from your Windows Mobile 2002/2003 PocketPC or Windows Mobile device, if you receive a "Server certificate expired" or "INTERNET_37" error, this may indicate that the date and time set on your device is incorrect.

Image:ex7internet_37_1.jpg Image:ex7internet_37_2.jpg

To correct the problem, you can update the date and time on your device and try again. Cradling your device to your PC will automatically sync the device with the correct date and time if you have enabled the option from your ActiveSync settings and if your PC has the correct date and time..


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