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Enabling Push Email on Windows Mobile 5.0 or Windows Mobile 6.0

Please note that in order to use the Microsoft DirectPush feature, you'll need to be using a device which has Windows Mobile 5.0 with AKU2 installed (or higher). If you do not have AKU2 on your device, please contact the device manufacturer or your data service provider to request the update.

To enable Push Email, you should first go to the Comm Manager settings on your device. You will need to enable both Microsoft DirectPush and Data Services. After enabling these 2 options, please ensure that you configure your ActiveSync settings for your account. Generally, the following settings should work for mail2web Live, Enhanced Email and Business Exchange Users:

Server Name:
ActiveSync Username: ***Your Exchange Email Address***
Password: ***Your Password***
Domain: caex

DirectPush over WiFi or WLAN

Due to the way that DirectPush works, you may find that it does not function properly over a WiFi connection or on your Wireless LAN. It is recommended that you disable WiFi from your Comm Manager screen and enable your Data Service (GPRS, EVDO, 1X) in order to use Microsoft DirectPush.

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