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You can synchronize your Hosted Exchange Email account through Symbian based devices such as Nokia or Sony Ericsson Phone mobile phones or devices.

There are some software applications available for Symbian based phones which will allow you to synchronize your phone with our Business Exchange server. We currently endorse RoadSync by DataViz. RoadSync provides secure, wireless and "Direct Push" synchronization of Hosted Exchange Email, calendar, contacts and attachments to a number of Symbian OS-based devices including many Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Treo, Motorola and Windows Mobile 2003 SE devices.

Configure RoadSync 2.0 on Symbian Smartphones.

  1. Click the RoadSync icon to walk through setting up RoadSync.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Enter the following information:User name: Type your Windows user name *username*.Password: Type your mailbox password.Server Name: Enter name of the ActiveSync server Type NetBIOS name of Windows domain CAEX.
  4. Use SSL is enabled by default. To disable this feature, uncheck the box.
  5. Once your settings are entered click Verify Settings to ensure that you can successfully connect to the Exchange Server.
  6. A message will appear asking to allow access to your data network. Click Always Allow.
  7. You will be prompted to select an Access Point to establish an appropriate network connection. Click Connect.
  8. The next screen recommends turning off Calendar, Contacts, and E-mail portions of PC Suite while using RoadSync. This is to avoid duplication. Click Next.
  9. Choose how you would like to synchronize your data. Then click Next.
    • Outlook overwrites phone (recommended) - Contacts and Calendar information will be removed on the phone and your Outlook data will be brought down to the phone.
    • Merge data - Contacts and Calendar information on your phone will be merged with your Outlook data. This may cause duplicates.
  10. A warning that RoadSync will remove your handheld data or merge your data will appear, depending on your choice above. Click Yes.
  11. Finished.
    At this time, you are ready for your first sync. Select Sync. You will see the progress of the sync as it connects, checks for new data, downloads new data, and updates the data on your wireless device. When the sync is complete, you will see a message that says "Direct Push Active" or "Last Sync" with the current date and time.
  12. How to configure Always Up-To-Date Notification (AUTD) on Symbian Smartphones
    You can have RoadSync automatically push information to and from your phone or synchronize at a defined time interval. By default, push is enabled. To take advantage of push or sync scheduling, please complete these steps on your wireless phone.
    • Open RoadSync.
    • Tap the drop-down menu and choose Settings.
    • Select the Sched. tab.
    • Enable Push or disable push to use Scheduled Sync.
    • If you are using Scheduled Sync select a time interval and data to sync from the list provided.
    • Tap OK.Push and Scheduled Sync will continue as long as the phone is turned on. It will remain enabled after turning the phone off and then turning it on again. If the phone is in use during a push or scheduled sync, the sync will be skipped and attempted again at a later time.
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