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Syncing Email with BlackBerry Internet Service

Through your carrier's BIS server you can only sync your emails. The PIM items such as calendar, contacts, tasks and notes will only sync using our Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) service. Our BES service also has other benefits, such as wirelessly backing-up your device data which includes your bookmarks, settings, fonts, ring tone settings, etc.

Further, the email reconciliation via BIS is limited. But with BES, you get two way reconciliation.

Using BIS you can do the following:

  1. Your email read/unread status will only update from device to server, and not the other direction. If you read a message from your Desktop Email Client or OWA, it will still show as unread on your device.
  2. Emails deleted from the device, using delete from either handheld or server option will be synced quickly - usually within 30 seconds. But emails deleted from your Desktop Email Client or OWA may take a lot longer to sync, usually between 5-90 minutes. Finaly, this feature only supported on BIS version 2.3 or later. You'll have to check with your carrier to see which version they are using.

With our BES solution, you get the benefit of two way full syncronization, and you will not have to wait long periods of time for syncing your emails.

If you still wish to use BIS to sync your Exchange account, please follow the instructions provided by Blackberry support.

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