Configuring Your BlackBerry
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Choosing Folders to Redirect

You can enable selective folder redirection on your BlackBerry, so that email in some folders is delivered to your handheld and other folders are not. You can complete the following steps from your BlackBerry handheld:

  1. On the BlackBerry device Home screen, click Messages.
  2. Click the track wheel and select Options.
  3. Select Email Settings.
  4. Click the track wheel and select Folder Redirection.
  5. Expand the Mailbox - <username> folder and select the check box corresponding to the folder to which the messages are redirected.
  6. Click the track wheel and select Save.

If you have configured your account as a "Microsoft Exchange" account on your PC, you can also use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software to configure Folder Redirection. This can be done by selecting Email Settings, Advanced, and then Choose Folders.

Editing Your Signature

The following message will appear at the end of any message sent from Exchange account through our BES Server:

Sent from my Blackberry


Sent from my Blackberry

Please note, this will not be included with any messages sent via your PIN or via the email address provided by your wireless carrier.

This message has been added to help differentiate between email sent using our service and email sent from your wireless service provider.

If you wish to modify this signature, you can follow these steps from your device:

  1. From the Messages screen, click the track wheel and choose Options.
  2. Select Email Settings and click the track wheel.
  3. Use the track wheel to move the cursor to the Auto Signature dialog box and use the keyboard to enter a new auto signature.
  4. After you have made your changes, click the track wheel and choose Save.

Or, if you cradle your device you can follow these steps on your Computer:

  1. Open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, and then double-click Redirector Settings.
  2. In the Redirector Settings dialog box, select the General tab.
  3. Click in the Auto signature text box. Edit the text in this box to customize your signature.
  4. To disable your auto signature, delete all of the text. Click OK to return to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Stopping Reconciliation

To stop messages being sent to your BlackBerry, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Messages and click Options -> Email Settings
  2. Set the Send Email to Handheld option to No.
  3. Save your settings.

Erasing Data

If you want to delete all the data on your BlackBerry you can follow these steps.

  1. Connect the BlackBerry device to your PC and launch the Blackberry Desktop Manager Software.
  2. Go to Backup and Restore and click the Advanced button.
  3. You will see the databases on the device on the right side. Select the databases you wish to erase (by highlighting them) and click the Clear button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no way to recover data once it is cleared or erased. Please be sure that you are deleting the correct data before proceeding.

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