Office SharePoint Designer 2007
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Downloading SharePoint Designer

Microsoft SharePoint Designer is now available as a free download from Registration is required to obtain this free software. For further details please visit the SharePoint Designer Site, or proceed directly to the download page.

Connecting using SharePoint Designer

If you are using Microsoft SharePoint Designer to customize your site you can follow these steps to connect:

  1. Open SharePoint Designer
  2. From the File menu click Open Site...
  3. In the Site Name field type where "" is your actual SharePoint site URL.
  4. Once connected to the server, you'll be prompted for your username and password. You should enter your administrative username and password. If you are unsure which username and password to use, please refer to the email you received when your account was first activated.

Please note that FrontPage is not supported on Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 sites, but you can connect to both Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 and 3.0 sites with SharePoint Designer.

Do I need SharePoint Designer to use Windows® SharePoint™ Services 3.0

It is possible to customize your SharePoint site using only a browser. The only requirement for you is one of the following browsers:

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 for Windows
  2. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 for Windows
  3. Firefox 1.5 for Windows, Linux/Unix or Mac OS X
  4. Netscape Navigator 7.2 for Linux/Unix
  5. Netscape Navigator 8.1 for Windows
  6. Safari 2.0 for Mac OS X

Please note that some functionality requires the use of Internet Explorer and the full experience may not be available with other browsers.

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