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WebDav Support for SharePointâ„¢ Services

The SharePoint Services plan fully supports WebDav, which allows you to create a Network Place folder within Windows. This allows you to drag and drop to your SharePoint account just as you would with any other Windows Folder.

Adding SharePoint to "My Network Places"

You can set up a Network Place for your SharePoint site with a few easy steps.

1. From your Start menu or your Desktop, click on My Network Places.

2. Click on Add a Network Place.

3. You should then see the Network Place Wizard. Click Next to get started.

4. Select the option Choose another network location and click Next.


5. In the Internet or Network Address field, type the location of your SharePoint site on the web. For example: http://your-sharepoint-site.com. Then click Next.


6. Now Windows will attempt to connect to your SharePoint site. You will be prompted to enter your username and password. Make sure you enter your Administrative username and password in the login box.


If you are unsure which username and password to use, please refer to the email you received when your account was first activated.

7. Now you will be prompted to enter a Name for your new Network Place. Enter a descriptive name and click Next.


8. Finally, you'll see a confirmation page indicating that your new Network Place has been added.


9. To access this Network Place in the future, you can just open My Network Places. To access your site, simply browse to your Network Places and you can drag-and-drop files like a normal folder.

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