Installing a PvPGN server on a Windows VPS
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Downloading the required software and files:

To get a PvPGN server running on your VPS you are going to need to download the latest version from the official website.

Software and files needed:

  • PvPGN server
  • PvPGN support files

Select the required files and save them to your hard drive.

Since we will be installing on a Windows VPS download the *.zip files.

Connecting to your VPS:

In order to get the required files from your computer to your VPS you will need to mount the hard drive they are stored on using Remote Desktop Connection from your windows PC.

  • Before you press connect open up the Options tab, this is how you will get the files from your computer to your VPS. On the Local Resources tab under the Local device and resources you will find the “more..” button.

  • Here you will find all of the available drives on your computer that can connect to your VPS. Select the drive that you saved the server files to. If you saved it to your desktop than the drive you will have to connect is the main drive or C: drive, if you saved it to a second drive then you will need to select that drive instead.

  • When you have finished selecting your drives you can continue to connect to your VPS.

Once you have connected go to My Computer where you will find the drive that you’ve loaded. Navigate to where you saved the server files and copy them over to the desktop of your VPS.

Installing the software and files:

After the files have been moved to the desktop we can install the software, starting with extracting the files from the *.zip.


First extract the PvPGN server:

  • right click on PvPGN-1.8.5-0-Win32-*.zip --> Extract All...
  • extract the files to C:\Program Files (x86)\

Second extract the pvpgn support files:

  • right click on --> Extract All...
  • extract the files to C:\Program Files (x86)\pvpgn-1.8.5\
  • browse into C:\Program Files (x86)\pvpgn-1.8.5\pvpgn-support-1.2\
  • select all files and copy them into C:\Program Files (x86)\pvpgn-1.8.5\files\

Starting the PvPGN server:

  • browse into C:\Program Files (x86)\pvpgn-1.8.5\
  • double click on PvPGN.exe

Congratulations! You have created a PvPGN Server.

If you run into any problems check the log file generated automatically by the server in C:\Program Files (x86)\pvpgn-1.8.5\var\bnetd.log.

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