Setting up a Diablo II Server using PvPGN
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Windows Configuration for Diablo II servers

There are 7 files that need to be changed before the Diablo II server will work. Each of these file can be easily edited using any text based editor, such as Notepad. All of the files that you will need to edit can be located inside the program files for the PvPGN server. The default location being:

C:\Program Files (x86)\pvpgn-1.8.5\conf\


Open the file in your preferred editor and look for the following line:

#"D2CS"                 "PvPGN Closed Realm"  

You will need to uncomment the line by deleting the #. You can customize your Realm name and the Realm description, however they both must start with a " and end with a ". You will also need to enter the IP address for your VPS, this is the same address used when connecting to your VPS. (Lets say that you VPS IP is 168.144.XX.XX)

"MyRealm"                 "My Custom Realm Description"            168.144.XX.XX:6113


After opening the file, search the server major settings section and find the following line:

 #realmname              =       D2CS

You must uncomment the line by removing the # and renaming D2CS to the realm name exactly to what you set in the realm.conf:

realmname              =       "MyRealm"

Remembering to include the quotation marks before and after the realm name. Next look for the following line:

gameservlist        =    <d2gs-IP>,<another-d2gs-IP>

Because we are only setting up a Open server you will need to comment out this line by putting a # at the beginning of the line.

#gameservlist        =    <d2gs-IP>,<another-d2gs-IP>

Lastly locate the line:

bnetdaddr        =    <bnetd-IP>:6112

You must enter your VPS IP address

bnetdaddr        =    168.144.XX.XX:6112


Once the file is open, search for the server major settings and locate the following:

gameservlist            =       <d2gs-IP>,<another-d2gs-IP>

Like in the d2cs.conf file this only needs to be changed if you are creating a closed server, but for our open server you will only need to comment out the line by adding a # at the beginning of the line.

#gameservlist            =       <d2gs-IP>,<another-d2gs-IP>


After opening the file in the editor, search for the -=- Latest Versions -=- No Update Required -=- section. Look for the following entries:

# Diablo II - LoD (Expansion) 1.13c
"A=3845581634 B=880823580 C=1363937103 4 A=A-S B=B-C C=C-A A=A-B" \
 IX86ver1.mpq \
 IX86 \
 D2XP \
 "Game.exe 03/09/10 04:10:51 61440" \
 0x0000000d \ \
 0x7686beca \
# Diablo II 1.13c

"A=3845581634 B=880823580 C=1363937103 4 A=A-S B=B-C C=C-A A=A-B" \
 IX86ver1.mpq \
 IX86 \
 D2DV \
 "Game.exe 03/09/10 04:11:00 57344" \
 0x0000000d \ \
 0xfc04b9f6 \

If those entries exist, then you have the current version checks for Diablo II. You can customize this to allow only certain version of Diablo II to connect to your server. Do this by removing the version check entries for the version you don't want to connect to your server.

If you don't have those entires you can download the latest versioncheck.conf here.

  • copy the entire page
  • paste the page onto a blank document in Notepad
  • save to C:\Program Files(x86)\pvpgn-1.8.5\conf\ folder on your VPS.
  • ensure the file is named versioncheck.conf and the file type is set as "All Files"

Configure Firewall Settings

You will need to create new port rules so that you and others can connect. To do this you will need to open the server manager and navigate to the Windows Firewall with Advanced Settings.

You will need to add new inbound rules for ports 6112-6114 and 4000, for both TCP and UDP. Once this is done your server is ready for you and anyone you want to connect. Just double click on the PvPGN.exe to start the server.

Connecting to your Diablo II Server

To connect your PC to the server you are going to need to use a gateway editor, and use the IP address for your VPS as the IP address in the new gateway. You can find Gateway Editors on the Official Forums of PvPGN here. Once the new gateway has been added load the game and select the newly created gateway. You and anyone else who wants to connect to the server will use "Open Battle.Net" in the "other multiplayer" to log in.

Congratulations! Your very own Diablo II server is up and running.

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