Set Up Anonymous FTP in Plesk 9.5
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Setting Up Anonymous FTP in Plesk 9.5 for VPS

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How to setup anonymous FTP access in Plesk.

This tutorial assumes that you have already logged in to Plesk.

Now let's learn how to enable anonymous FTP for a domain so that our users can anonymously upload and download files through FTP.

For this, you'll need to set up a directory within the site and have a dedicated IP assigned to this domain.

  1. Scroll down to Files group.
  2. Click the Anonymous FTP icon.
  3. This icon means that the service has already been activated. Let's configure it now.
  4. Select the Display login message checkbox and enter the welcoming message for your users.
  5. Select the Allow uploading to incoming directory checkbox to allow your visitors to upload files to the /incoming directory.
  6. Select the Allow creation of directories in the incoming directory checkbox to allow your visitors to create subdirectories in the /incoming directory.
  7. Select the Allow downloading from the incoming directory checkbox to allow downloading files from the /incoming directory.
  8. Scroll down.
  9. Now let's limit the amount of disk space that can by occupied by uploaded files. Deselect the Unlimited checkbox and specify the value in kilobytes.
  10. Let's limit the number of simultaneous connections to the anonymous FTP server. Deselect the Unlimited checkbox and specify the new value.
  11. Let's leave the bandwidth for anonymous FTP connections Unlimited. We can always change it later.
  12. When ready, click OK to save the changes.
  13. Scroll down.
  14. Click Anonymous FTP.
  15. That's it! We can see that anonymous FTP access has been successfully set up. Now let's try to switch it off.
  16. Click Switch On.
  17. Success! The anonymous FTP service has just been switched off.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to enable and disable Anonymous FTP access in Plesk. Remember that this feature is only available with a dedicated IP address assigned to your domain.

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