How to Set Up Cron Jobs in Plesk 9.5
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Setting Up Cron Jobs in Plesk 9.5 for VPS

Click here for a video tutorial

How to set up cron jobs (scheduled tasks) in Plesk.

This tutorial assumes that you have already logged in to Plesk.

Now let's learn how to set up Cron jobs from within Plesk.

Cron Jobs are actually called "cron daemons." They are used for doing some tasks at specific intervals without your intervention every time. You set the clock and the cron daemon runs the work for you.

  1. Scroll down and right to the Additional Tools group.
  2. Click Scheduled Tasks.
  3. Select the system user under whom the command should be run.
  4. Then click Next.
  5. First, we need to specify the email address where the cron results will be delivered upon the completion. Click Preferences.
  6. Enter the email address in the box.
  7. Click OK when finished.
  8. That's it! Now let's add a new scheduled task. Click Schedule New Task.
  9. The task is already switched On by default.
  10. Let's fill out the parameters in the following order: Minutes, Hours, Day of Month, Month, Day of week.
  11. Scroll down.
  12. Now enter the actual cron command. Its syntax may differ depending on the server's setup. You may clarify this information with your hosting provider.
  13. When ready, click OK to save the changes.
  14. Success! The new cron task has been successfully set up. The test.cgi script is set to be run every night at 11:30 p.m. without our intervention, and its results are to be sent to email address.
  15. Now let's see how to switch the cron Off and how to delete it altogether.
  16. Click the small icon to switch the cron Off.

  17. That's it! Then select the cron by checking the box to the left.
  18. Click Remove.
  19. Select the checkbox to confirm the removal.
  20. Then click OK.
  21. The selected cron task has been successfully removed now. You may add as many cron commands as needed following the instructions provided in this tutorial.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to set up a scheduled cron task in Plesk. You should always remember to remove the unnecessary crons so that there is no additional load on the server.

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