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Frequently Asked Questions

HTML Toolbox


  1. What is HTML Toolbox?
  2. How often can I run HTML Toolbox?
  3. Does HTML Toolbox have automatic testing?
  4. Are changes made to my web page automatically?
  5. How many web pages can I use with HTML Toolbox?


Search Engine Starter


  1. What is Search Engine Starter?
  2. Which search engines will Search Engine Starter submit my site to?
  3. Can I choose which of the 100 search engines I want my site submitted to
  4. How often can I resubmit my site to the search engines?
  5. How long will it take for my web site to be listed on the search engines ?
  6. Will my email address be sent to these search engines?
  7. How will I know the results of my search engine submissions?
  8. Does Search Engine Starter stay up-to-date with regards to the submission policies of its target search engines?
  9. How many web pages can I use Search Engine Starter with?


Search Engine Power Pack


  1. What is Search Engine Power Pack?
  2. Why should I choose Search Engine Power Pack over Search Engine Starter?
  3. Does Search Engine Power Pack include search engine submission features?
  4. How many web pages can I use Search Engine Power Pack with?
  5. Will I have to pay for updates to your search engine information databases?


General FAQs


  1. Do I have to install any software to run HTML Toolbox, Search Engine Starter or Search Engine Power Pack?
  2. How do I sign up for these services?
  3. Do I need to have an existing account to sign up for these services through the control panel?
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