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HTML ToolboxHTML Toolbox™ is an award winning product that identifies site problems and automatically repairs HTML code for you with just one click. No other Web site tool offers so many benefits for so little cost. Only $89.95 a year per URL for sites of up to 100 pages. Sign up for any of our hosting plans and add HTML Toolbox to your plan.


Features and Benefits

Includes 5 power tools

Includes 5 power tools
We submit to all the major search engines, including Google, Lycos, Yahoo Web Pages and Excite. Plus we submit to top quality European sites, special interest sites and others. See the full list of search engines where we'll submit.


  • Link Check
    Over 5% of links on the Web are broken! Our Link Check tool will search your site, testing each link it finds. We'll report the status of each link we tested. Broken links hurt your professional image and act as roadblocks to search engine spiders.
  • HTML Check and Repair
    Bad tag usage, html code syntax errors, and spelling typos can make it difficult for browsers to process your HTML and visitors to read your site. Our HTML validator robot finds bad HTML tags in your pages. Plus, we'll automatically generate a repaired page to upload to your site.
  • Browser Compatibility
    All browsers are different. If your HTML is not supported by certain browsers, users of those browsers will have difficulty viewing your site. We'll scan your site and report on HTML tags and attributes that aren't supported by different versions of the major browsers.
  • Load Time Check
    Slow load times can deter users from viewing your site. Our robot will check the download time for your Web pages. We'll report the size of each object in your pages. We will also spot HTML problems (e.g. number of server connections, graphics, etc.) that can delay page loading.
  • Spell Check
    Our automated tool will check the text on your pages for spelling errors. Use an optional Custom Dictionary to list words you want our spell checker to ignore.
Repairs HTML errors Repairs HTML errors
HTML Toolbox spots common HTML code errors, fixes most errors it finds on your request, and generates a repaired file for you to upload. If we can't fix your problem, we will identify those problems for you.
Improves your site for search engine Improves your site for search engine and human visitors
HTML Toolbox ensures both human and search engine spiders have a positive experience on your site. Broken links and code errors can keep a spider from crawling your site and can make a human visitor put away their credit card. Professional search engine optimizers validate their code and links before submitting a page to a search engine.
No downloads or software to install

No downloads or software to install
Our software works directly from our site. No need to install anything on your computer.

Automatic Testing Automatic Testing
Schedule weekly, biweekly or monthly tests of your site. We'll notify you by email when your results are ready.
Testing on demand Testing on demand
Log into your account and test your site at any time at no extra cost.
Custom configurable Custom configurable
Tell us what tests you want to run. Tailor our tools to your preferences.
Safe and effective Safe and effective
We won't change anything on your Web site. All corrections are made to a copy of your Web page that you can download and install when you're ready.
Tests your whole site Tests your whole site
Most HTML validators check only one page - HTML Toolbox will check your whole site with one command. Makes web site maintenance easy.
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