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When is a blog more than just a blog? How can a blog be an extension of you or your brand? Or, even further, can it become your entire website?

While many blogs are used to simply supplement a website or another online presence, with Custom Blog Design, your website could become your online presence as a whole. Using WordPress, the most popular blog application to date, we will customize its look and feel to suit your needs.

WordPress not only allows you to create blog posts efficiently and easily, but also allows you to create static pages like a "contact us" page or other unchanging web content. Since the WordPress theme designed will affect not only the specific blog pages but any static "home page", "contact us" or other page you create in WordPress, you can have a fully themed website suited to your specific needs.



Blog Templates

Just getting started or just bored with your average blog look and feel? If you're not looking for a fully branded Blog Design just yet, check out the diverse range of blog templates and styles and find one that matches you.


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Check out our Personal Website Hosting plan designed to make setup and use of your own custom WordPress blog a snap.


As low as $6.45 per month!

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