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Adding Domains to VPS with Plesk

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This article is specific to Linux VPS only.
For Hyper-V VPS' running Plesk, you will need to create your domain name in onCloud Control Panel and modify the DNS records manually for each domain name you wish to manage on Nameservers. In all cases, it is possible to use your VPS itself as nameservers, but this requires you register them with your registrar or the registrar of the domain name you wish to use.

It is highly recommended that all website names that will be hosted in Plesk on your VPS be first added to your onCloud(tm) Control Panel before they are added to your Plesk Panel. Linux VPS users can have the domain automatically synced into Plesk on VPS through onCloud as well.

Linux VPS users, if you accidentally added the domain name to Plesk directly prior to adding it in onCloud, it can no longer be added and synced to Plesk using onClould until all traces of it have been removed from Plesk. After adding your domain in onCloud, you can setup syncing it to Plesk, which will create the domain name in the Plesk Panel.

Adding a domain to onCloud is simple.

  1. Login to your customer control panel at
  2. Click on the Home tab
  3. Click on Hosted Domains under the Domains Category
  4. Click on Add Existing Domain Registered Elsewhere
    • Once you have added the domain to onCloud you can move on to syncing it with Plesk.
  5. Click on the domain name from the hosted domains list to view hosting services
  6. Find the Hosting Services panel and click Add Hosting beside web hosting.
  7. Choose Parallels Plesk for your hosting type, and the appropriate VPS.

Once Plesk has been set for the hosting in onCloud you are done. Plesk will add the domain and create the webspace automatically.

Login to Plesk to start making changes to your website. Also you can find out how to create a subdomian with Plesk here: Creating and Assigning Subdomains

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