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Adding Windows VPS Backup Service to your Subscription

Reference Number: AA-04888 Created: 2013-04-10 14:38 Last Updated: 2013-04-10 15:01 0 Rating/ Voters

Your newly purchased Windows VPS service offers an optional backup service with two plan options including our "Standard VPS Backup" and our "OnDemand VPS Backup + Instant File/Folder Restore". 

The first option will backup your VPS with up to 7 recovery points (depending on the disk space you purchase and the size of your VPS used data and restore requests must be submitted to staff. The second option includes access to the backup panel interface and realtime access to recovery points and scheduling and policy settings. This allows to be in complete control of your backup service and is highly recommended. Details of both of these options can be found at

Upgrading Resources to Add a Backup Service to your Windows VPS Subscription

This service is currently only available to customers that have recently subscribed to our Windows VPS service and have access to the Windows VPS tab from their onCloud Control Panel currently. If you have this tab available but cannot find the upgrade, please contact us and we can assist you! If you do not have this Windows VPS tab in your control panel currently don't worry, your service will be upgraded in the near future to be able to take advantage of these great offers!

From your onCloud Control Panel at

  1. Login using your username and password.
  2. Ensure your WIndows VPS Subscription is selected from the top right subscription dropdown list. If not, set it.
  3. On the homescreen for your Windows VPS subscription, click Upgrade Resources > Your subscription will be preselected from the list you see, click Next
  4. On this screen you should find the backup service options (Standard VPS Backups and OnDemand VPS Backups + Instant File/Folder Recovery). Choose the plan that suits you and click Next.
    Note: you may want to consider also adding Backup Diskspace on this screen as well if you're VPS is using close to or more than 40GB. This will ensure that all Recovery points are successfully created.
  5. Complete the purchase order and within an hour or so, the backup service will be deployed and you can manage the features by once again logging into your onCloud Control Panel. 
    IMPORTANT: after the upgrade is complete, you will need to reboot your VPS for the changes to take affect and a successful recovery point created!

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