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Creating Email account

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Creating Email account      




One of the first things you will want to do either if you are moving to us or if you are starting a new, is to create email accounts.  You will need to create email accounts before you will be able to send or receive emails using that address.  Only after they are creating should you setup your address with your mail clients. If you are moving from an existing service you should create your addresses prior to moving the domain, this will ensure you do not loose mail in the transition.


Create the Address

First log in to your control panel at


On the main page after logging in you will see the Manage Your Email link under the Shortcuts section



Once there under manage users you will see the Add User link. Click this to create a new email user.

When creating the new email address, please note that the system is already aware of your domain name. You do not need to specify it. For example, if you want to create an email address that is, then you would only need to enter demo for the User ID. Fill out the form as shown below:



Once you have created the email address, you will see the user listed in the User folder on the left.  You can click on the user name there to make user-based changes to the account, such as filling out the user profile.



Now that you have created a new email user, you can start using it right away at, or you can configure it in your favourite mail client. See the Starter Guide for Configuring Your Mail for help with making that connection.

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