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11 Host .CA Domain Names can host and register .ca domains. All .ca domains are registered through OpenSRS and cost US $13.95 + GST per year.

12 Host .UK Domain Names can host and register and domain names. All .uk domains are registered for a minimum of 2 years. For price details please see our website at

13 Host International Domain Names (ccTLD) can host any country-code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) that can be registered with an affiliated registrar. Some examples include: .tr, .jp, .au, .ru, etc.

14 ICANN Registrar Transfer Policy

The new registrar transfer policy removes the need to "double-confirm" when you are transferring your domain name from one registrar to another. The new policy requires only a single confirmation step. Some registrars feel that this is a drastic policy change…

15 Invoice From Another Company for Domain Name Renewal

If you get a notice or invoice in the mail from a company you do not recognize urging you to renew your domain name at a higher price, please be cautious. Contact the company you registered your domain name with and ask them about it. If you have registered…

16 Manage a Domain Name

Managing your domain in your onCloud control panel Go to and enter your username/password Use the drop down menu to select All Domains under subscription Click on Hosted Domains Click on the domain you wish to manage From here,…

17 Network Solutions Domain Management

The Network Solutions Account Management site is located at

18 Park a Domain Name offers free domain parking services. All you need to pay is the domain registration fee. To park a domain please go to our signup pages and choose Domain Parking and Domain/Email Forwarding.

19 Point an existing domain name to

Point an existing domain name to You just need to contact your current host, or the registrar of your domain and ask them to change the name servers (DNS) of the domain to name servers which are: First Name Server: First Server…

20 Register a Domain Name

Domain Registration We can register many different domain names for you through OpenSRS. NOTE: that we no longer support new domain name registrations with Network Solutions. However you can continue to renew any existing Network Solutions domain names with…