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1 Bank or wire transfers

Unfortunately, we do not currently accept payment by bank or wire transfers. We currently accept payment by credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), check, money order, or Paypal.

2 Billing Cycle

Customers can update their Billing cycle via the customer control panel Login to the customer CP at: Click on Account Click on Subscriptions Click on the Plan you want to modify the billing term for Click on 'Switch Subscription…

3 Credit Card

Update Credit Card To update a credit card through our secure pages please follow the instructions provided below: Login to the Customer CP: Click on Account Click on Payment Methods There is a button here that allows you to add…

4 Currency of Charges

What currency do you charge in? All fees charged are in US Dollars. Do you charge PST? No, we do not charge PST. Do you charge GST? GST is charged to our Canadian customers only.

5 Direct-withdrawal from a checking account

Sorry, we do not currently support direct-withdrawal.

6 Invoice

Invoices can be retrieved at any time through our Control Panel: Login to your control panel at Click on Account Click on Financial Documents Click on the Invoices & Payments History tab Click on the Document # of the invoice…

7 Mailing Address

Please see our mailing address below: SoftCom Inc. 10 Bay Street, Suite 1610 Toronto, ON Canada M5J 2R8

8 Payment Methods accepts the following methods of payment: Major credit cards: Visa MasterCard American Express Paypal Personal checks and International money orders. Checks and money orders must be in USD to be accepted. For additional information, e-mail…

9 Payment Terms

Available Payment Terms All customers are provided with various payment term options when they sign up for our services. You can decide to pay 1, 3, 6 or 12 months in advance for your account. Customers may choose to change their billing terms at anytime…

10 Paypal Payments In onCloud

Paypal Payment: Adding a PayPal payment is a 2 step process now. First you must add the payment and once created you can then add the funds to the payment. Below are the steps you’ll need to follow Log into your Control Panel at…

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