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11 Shortcut Key Recommendations for Server 2012

Windows Users, it is recommended you access remote desktop in full screen to enable sending shortcut keys into Windows Server 2012. You can adjust this setting as well, but this is the easiest. Once you've done that, here are some shortcut keys that we highly…

12 Task Manager is not showing all of the running processes.

In the new version the tabs are hidden by default showing applications only. Clicking the More Details link will expand the view to show the information for Processes, Performance, Users, Details, and Services. Task Manager Default Task Manager Expanded

13 Virtual Server Software Monitoring

What server monitoring tools are there for my Virtual Server? We currently provide a monitoring service known as Nagios to all Virtual Server customers. Login credentials will be provided to you once your account has been activated. To manage and view your…

14 What is installed on my Windows Server 2012 VPS?

A number of preconfigured software is already available on your Windows Server 2012 VPS including: IIS 8.0.1508 Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express Edition (unless otherwise requested) PHP 5.3.10 MySQL Server 5.1.63 MySQL Connector…

15 What's new in Windows Server 2012?

You mean other than the crazy new user interface? Quite a bit, but there's not much that will affect the average single purpose web server. Most enhancements so far have been geared towards cloud servers and management of cloud servers in a much more integrated…