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21. Domains Expiration Statues

Domains that are not renewed will go through a 75 day process after the expiration date before it is available again for new registration. Please note that the process does vary depending on the rules of each Domain Registry, and may not be as follows for…

22. Domain Transfers

Transferring your Domain Name You will just need to contact your current host, or the registrar of your domain and ask them to change the name servers (DNS) of the domain to myhosting.com name servers which are: Primary Name Server Primary Server Hostname.........:…

23. Domain Aliasing

DNS (Domain) Aliasing: DNS Aliasing allows you to host more than one domain name on a single hosting account. By typing your DNS Alias address (http://www.aliasdomain.com) in the browser, your visitors will automatically see the content on your primary website…

24. Domain Name Ownership

We always use your company information when we register your domain name, so your domain name will always belong to you. We are the technical contact only.

25. Domain Name Required

For all our hosting plans you will either need to register a new domain name or transfer your existing domain name to our name servers.

26. Customer Announcements

What You can Expect from your Registration and Renewal Price Adjustment

27. Change Domain Names

You cannot "replace" an old domain/IP address/account with a new domain as they are not interchangeable. You would need to signup for another account with myhosting.com and set up another domain name (IP addresses are specific to each domain name). Additionally,…

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