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31. Configure Snow Leopard - Mac Mail with Exchange

Using AutoDiscover to automatically configure Mac Mail with Exchange Snow Leopard has incorporated MS AutoDiscover tools which make setting up Mac Mail on Snow Leopard about as easy as it gets. Using AutoDiscover, you just need enter your mail2web Mobile…

32. Calendars and Calendar Sharing for Exchange

Sharing Calendars using Outlook 2010 If your colleague has shared his/her calendar with you, Outlook 2010 provides you with the ability to view his/her calendar. For instructions regarding how to share and view a calendar, please follow the steps provided…

33. Calendar - How to Delete Multiple Calendar Entries

How to Delete Multiple Calendar Entries 1. In Calendar, point to Current View, on the View menu, and then click By Category. 2. Select all items (CTRL+A), and then press DELETE. You can also delete a single category of Calendar items, such as holidays, by…

34. Backups for Hosted Exchange Email

Our engineers have a comprehensive disaster recovery process in place for our Hosted Exchange Email infrastructure and services, which includes a weekly full backup of all Hosted Exchange Email accounts in addition to a daily progressive backup.

35. Automatic Folder Cleanup

The Automatic Folder Cleanup feature allows you to define how long emails can stay in a folder before they are automatically deleted. Automatic Folder Cleanup runs every day at 3:00 AM Eastern Time. Once the cleanup process is completed, deleted items cannot…

36. Always Up-To-Date (AUTD)

Microsoft has discontinued Always Up-To-Date (AUTD) in Exchange 2007. For Windows Mobile 2003 users, you can set ActiveSync to synchronize at 5 minute intervals. For Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 users, we suggest using DirectPush instead.

37. Alternate Email Address

Sending and Receiving Email from Other Accounts in Hosted Exchange Email You can use the myhosting.com Alternate Email Address, Set Primary From Address, and Email Aggregator features so that you can receive all your email and send all your email from your…

38. Alias Users

Email Aliases Our Hosted Exchange Email service does include features which are similar to an Email Alias. You can set up a Distribution List if you have 1 or more Professional Users. A Distribution List will allow you to forward email from one email address…

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