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Email Aliases

Our Hosted Exchange Email service does include features which are similar to an Email Alias.

You can set up a Distribution List if you have 1 or more Professional Users. A Distribution List will allow you to forward email from one email address to one or more active Exchange accounts within the same domain name. Hosted Exchange Email POP3 or Professional users are allowed to be members of an Distribution List, but only a Professional User can be the owner. To set up a distribution list or for more information on managing your Distribution Lists, please visit the Admin Management area of your account and click on "Manage Distribution Lists".

Professional users can also use the Alternate Email Address feature to set up an Email Alias within their domain. You can create an email address like which will point to

Adding External Email Addresses to the Global Address List

After logging into your control panel, click on Exchange. In the Admin Management section click on Manage Global Contacts. From this section you can update and add any contacts that you want to appear in your Global Address List either through Outlook or Outlook Web Access.</P>

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