Windows 2000 Access
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If you are connecting to your SharePoint site from a PC running Windows 2000, you'll need to log on to your site differently. To determine what your login information will be, you'll need to visit the SharePoint Information page in your Control Panel

  1. Click on SharePoint Services
  2. Click on Manage Accounts
  3. Click GO beside the user you'd like login information for
  4. Click on SharePoint Information

On the top of the SharePoint Information page, you'll notice a SharePoint Username which is in the form of AD2\username_domain. Make note of the username_domain part. (Usually this is the first 20 characters of the Friendly Username with the @ replaced with a _.)

When you try to log onto your Windows SharePoint Services from a browser on a Windows 2000 computer, you'll see a login prompt which looks like this:

For example, if your SharePoint Username is AD2\username_your-domain then you will need to login as follows:

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