Manually creating OpenVPN Users from the Command Line
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By default, your OpenVPN VPS will allow you to connect with any user you create on your VPS (at least until you secure it using the steps described above). This tutorial will go over both requirements.

  1. Log into your VPS as the “root” user using Putty or through your Virtuozzo Power Panel SSH-connect feature.
  2. Issue the following commands where “userdemo” is replaced with the username of your choice (this username will be used to log into the VPN server). See the screenshot to better understand the process.
    • adduser userdemo
    • passwd userdemo
  3. The second command entered above will prompt you for a password for the user. Make sure you remember this password as you’ll need it to log into your VPN server later.
  4. The user should now be created! If you have enabled VPN server security as recommend earlier in this article, there is one more step you’ll need to perform in order to allow this user to log in.
  5. To enable the user you just created to access the VPN server, add that user to the “User Permissions” page in your OpenVPN administration portal at https://your-server-ip:943/admin
  6. Add your new user to the list you see there and click Save Settings per below.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  7. You should see a page that indicates the user has been added. In some cases, you may need to force the change to the running server (rather than restarting), in this case you’ll see below your change confirmation a button to “Update Running Server”. Click this button.                                                                
  8. Then you’re done! Follow the login steps in previous tutorials to log in with your new user.                                           

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