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Since our inception in 1997, our company has always been committed to providing the best quality web hosting, online collaboration and communication services at a superior value+ with excellent customer service.+ We have done a great deal over the years to implement and achieve our vision and maintain top quality web services that are in demand. Our continuing pursuit of excellence is our primary and unwavering focus.


Whether you have been our customer for years, are a new customer, or are just evaluating us, I want to assure you that our customers are our first priority. We are here to provide you the highest quality of service, and we will continue to develop our company to support that goal, both by nurturing the individuals and teams needed to get the job done, and by using all the knowledge and skills that are necessary.


Our portfolio of products and services are focused on you, and what you need to be successful in achieving your own goals. Further, we will continue to investigate new products and services that will both satisfy your needs and provide the best value possible.


As a company, we recognize that the best way for us to achieve our own success is by helping you achieve success as well. I want to extend our commitment to you to aid in that goal, through our services and support. We value your loyalty and are here to help you whenever you need assistance.


I would like to thank all of our customers for their continued loyalty over the years. I am proud of all that we have achieved so far with your support, and am looking forward to sharing in our mutual successes in the future.


Thank you,


Maurice Finn
Business Manager
SoftCom Inc.

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