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Have you found the perfect domain name, but aren’t ready to get started with your web site? Then Domain Parking is for you. For only the cost of the domain name, you can reserve your name on the web and park it at for free. Your parking service will continue to be free for as long as you renew your domain name.


And with more than 20 domain name extensions starting at $14.95/year, you’re bound to find the perfect domain name from

25 domain names available at affordable prices! Click for more info.

And when you’re finally ready to get your site up and running, you can easily upgrade to a Web Hosting Plan, Hosted Exchange Email service, SharePoint Services web site, or even a Virtual Server.


Why Register Now?


Even though there are more and more domain name extensions available today, the best domain names are quickly becoming scarce. Domain Name speculators and after market resellers are buying up domain names as soon as they become available. If you are considering a particular domain name for a future project, the best time to reserve it is now, before it is too late.


All you pay for is the yearly registration and renewal fee. This is very affordable and easily manageable, especially when compared with the cost of purchasing a domain name from a third-party speculator or auction service later on.


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* Free domain parking is only available for customers that register a domain with and pay all applicable registration charges. Domain Parking customers receive promotional domain name registration pricing for a maximum of 20 domain names. Additional domain name registrations above this limit will match regular renewal rates.


** All prices are in US dollars. Promotional free domain registration for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .be, .ca, .de, .eu, .es, .nl, .uk, .us applies to the first year with a website hosting plan, after which regular prices will apply. 1 year commitment is required for free domain name registration.
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