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Transfer your Domain Name and Website

To ensure a seamless transition to, follow the steps outlined below:


1. Sign up
Enter the domain name of your website, then select a Hosting Plan to suit your needs!

If you’re not sure which plan to select, we recommend the Business Plan for the most flexibility. New accounts are activated within moments of signup.
2. Download and Back Up
If you don’t have a copy of your website files saved on your computer, download it from your old host. If you have any databases, make sure to back them up to your computer too.
3. Upload
Once your new site has been activated, upload your site to using FTP or our File Manager. Don’t forget to upload or import your databases if you have any.
4. Configure
Set up all your email accounts using’s email administration interface, making sure to recreate all the same users and passwords.
5. Change Name Servers
Change the "name servers" on your domain name by logging in at your domain name registrar’s web site. Usually you can find these settings under a "Domain Administration" or "Domain Management" page in their control panel.
6. Transition
Wait 24-48 hours for the transition period to complete.
7. Finalize
Log in at your previous host one last time to check for any outstanding emails that may have arrived during the transition period.
8. Cancel Old Account
Cancel your account at your previous host, and enjoy your new account with!



* Free domain parking is only available for customers that register a domain with and pay all applicable registration charges. Domain Parking customers receive promotional domain name registration pricing for a maximum of 20 domain names. Additional domain name registrations above this limit will match regular renewal rates.


** All prices are in US dollars. Promotional free domain registration for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .be, .ca, .de, .eu, .es, .nl, .uk, .us applies to the first year with a website hosting plan, after which regular prices will apply. 1 year commitment is required for free domain name registration.
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