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Transfer Your Domain Name and Website

If you have registered your domain name through another company and it is not currently on our Domain Name Servers (DNS), you can contact your domain name registrar and request they change the Name Servers to point to our hosting service. In many cases, you can even do this on your own through your domain name registrar's Control Panel. This will allow you to maintain your domain name registration with your existing registrar, but still host your domain name on our servers.


This can be completed along with the transfer of your website files so that the transition from your old hosting provider to appears seamless, without any downtime in between. For more information, please see our Transfer Now information.


Or if you prefer, you can transfer your domain name registration from your current registrar to We can then help manage your domain name and yearly renewal, as well as host your website. For more information on getting your domain name registration transferred or to get the registration transfer process started, please contact our Customer Support Department. And you can transfer your domain name registration at any time, as long as your domain name has not expired. You can get started today, or wait until later.


Domain Name and Website Redirection

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In addition to Domain Name registration and Web Hosting, we also offer a Website and Email Forwarding service that allows you to redirect your parked domain name to any other website or URL.

It also includes Email Forwarding that allows you to redirect all emails addressed to your domain name to another email address. So if you already have a domain name registration and hosting elsewhere, but want to register a new domain name, we can redirect your new domain name for you!


This would allow you to redirect all the web traffic to to http://your-existing-site/yourname/. Also, you can receive all your domain name email to to any existing email address. This is the perfect solution if you already have a website that you are happy with, but have multiple domain names that you want to redirect to your one website.




* Free domain parking is only available for customers that register a domain with and pay all applicable registration charges. Domain Parking customers receive promotional domain name registration pricing for a maximum of 20 domain names. Additional domain name registrations above this limit will match regular renewal rates.


** All prices are in US dollars. Promotional free domain registration for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .be, .ca, .de, .eu, .es, .nl, .uk, .us applies to the first year with a website hosting plan, after which regular prices will apply. 1 year commitment is required for free domain name registration.
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