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Spam Filtering and Anti-Virus


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At we take Spam and Virus protection very seriously. And with and, we have been in the email hosting business for over 18 years. And across all of our inbound email services, we handle millions and millions of emails per day destined for hundreds of thousands of email inboxes. A large portion of all inbound email is considered obvious Spam, Virus or Phishing email and is rejected before being delivered to any mailbox. Only the remainder is considered safe or and is delivered to mailboxes on our servers. And with SpamExperts powered myhosting Spam Filtering and Anti-Virus you can be sure that remainder is all it should be.

SpamExperts Inbound Filtering

Remaining Current

Feeding from the most up to date information on spam and virus sources, techniques and commonalities, Spam Filtering and Anti-Virus uses SpamExperts to ensure you get your mail efficiently, safely and you can do so without putting yourself at risk.


  • Exceptional accuracy of spam and virus detection (>99.98%).
  • Quarantine and filtration fine tuning management features, all hosted outside of your email network to ensure maximum security.
  • Continuously developed and updated technologies to filter all spam and viruses and detect new outbreaks


The long and short of it? You get the email you need and not the email you don't.

Switching to Manual Override

All email that we determine to have a very high likelihood of containing spam will be quarantined before ever being delivered to your inbox. These are messages our system with SpamExperts Inbound Filtering has verified are spam.


This is determined by verifying things like the message in question wasn’t sent from a legitimate email account or reputable source, contains dubious solicitations, comes from a known source of spam email or otherwise has a combination of elements that makes it certain that the message is a bulk email and wasn’t solicited.


These settings can also be adjusted to allow white listing and more refined management of inbound email filtering.





spam filtering and anti-virus

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