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Exchange Email Administration

Exchange Email Administration


The Email Administration panel for Hosted Microsoft Exchange has been designed to integrate with our Control Panel as well as the Outlook Web Access interface. This allows you to extend white-label or custom branded email administration management and control to your users or customers.


Our email administration panel includes 3 levels of account management offering you the control you. These features are accessible either through Outlook Web Access (OWA) or the Control Panel displaying either the brand, no brand, or your own brand.





End User
End User

Users who have access and control over only one Exchange account are referred to as End Users or Service User. An end user can control various aspects of their own Exchange account. They can manage general settings, email addresses, view limits, configure their forwarding, view distribution list memberships, grant mailbox permissions to other users for their account, plus contact info, password, language settings. Extended Control panel features include importing and exporting of your exchange data, email aggregator, folder cleanup, ActiveSync and iPhone settings by SMS, email and download.



Staff Member Staff

You can create users for individuals in your organization as a Staff Member. A Staff Member will have the ability to manage multiple end users under his organization with or without the ability to change anything that will affect the billing of the account as defined by the Administrator. Without billing permissions, the Staff Member can modify any setting for any end user. The Staff Member can also control various features such as distribution lists, global contacts, resources mailboxes, as well as logo and brand management for the organization.



You may also customize the Privileges for your Staff Members to allow access to any features available to you as an Administrator. This will allow your Staff Member to perform additional actions, including accessing the billing of your account and many other administrator level features. This includes adding users and add-on features like BlackBerry Service or Archiving as well as upgrading POP3 users to a full Professional Exchange Plan or adding additional users to an account.



Administrator Administrator

An Administrator includes all of the above, but with a few significant exceptions. The Administrator can manage all of the Exchange Organizations or Domains that are under one Customer Account. So if there are 2 or more Exchange Organizations managed under a single Customer ID, the Administrator can access either organization and make any changes to either. The Administrator also has the ability to define End Users or Service users as well as Staff Members and their privileges for an organization. The Administrator can also be thought of as the Account Owner or Reseller since there is no area that is restricted.



* Promotional prices vary based on the length of the contract, lowest rates advertised offered for 1 year terms. Regular contract rates apply at the renewal anniversary of the initial term. For monthly contract: Mobile Email + Outlook - $17.95; Mobile Email - $9.95; Basic Email Bundle - $6.95; SharePoint Services - $22.95; Website and Email Forwarding - $1.50. All prices are in US dollars.


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