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Exchange Is For Everyone

One of the challenges as a Small or Medium Size Business (SMB) is maintaining the perception that your company is big enough to handle all the challenges and requirements of your industry. In the past, Exchange email was something that was reserved only for large corporations with the money and resources to hire their own IT Department and run their own In-house Exchange infrastructure. But with Hosted Exchange services and, this is now available to everyone no matter how small.


Your Online Corporate Identity is Essential

We can help your SOHO or SMB business with the services you need to help you remain competitive. You can achieve the features of enterprise-grade email that were already available to your large competitors. Establishing a corporate identity used to be as simple as getting a land-line, a cell phone and some business cards. But now it is more important than ever to extend your identity online. Creating an online identity with a corporate domain name and enterprise-grade email services is essential to ensuring that your company appears professional and capable.



Take it on the Road

And you can finally take all your calendars, contacts and to-do lists online and on the road by leveraging Exchange Mobility Features such as Shared Calendars and Global Address Lists and Contact Lists, and Outlook Tasks. All this and more is available on many different mobile devices, including BlackBerry®, Windows® Mobile, iPhone and even Sony Ericcson, Nokia and other devices via RoadSync®.



You focus on your Core Business - We’ll do the rest

Outsourcing Exchange allows you to stay focused on your core-business without any of the distractions involved in running your own Servers and Infrastructure. This is especially important during tough economic times. You can bring your business back to basics, and rely on a Hosted Exchange solution that allows you to grow or shrink quickly and easily, without having to worry about long term contracts or commitments. Pricing is provided on a per-seat basis with no minimum commitment or contract. Billing terms as short as one month are available. If you hire a new employee or are forced to let one go, your billing will adjust accordingly.



Our Experience Benefits You

And by outsourcing your Exchange Email with, you gain the benefit of our experience using, supporting and selling Microsoft® Exchange. Our staff has extensive experience with a large Exchange infrastructure, and as a result has made many contacts and connections with software providers and hardware vendors. And our customer support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year to help you with whatever you made need. We’re here for you when you need us most.



We Understand Your Needs

All of this, along with our experience serving SMBs has helped us to achieve the Microsoft Small Business Specialist designation. We’re able to tailor our services to fit the needs of a smaller company. And as a smaller organization you don’t need to be a “techie” to be able to set up, administer and use our services. The solution is designed with the novice in mind, and it is easy to get up and running quickly.



Unique Features of

And although we aren’t the only Hosted Exchange Email provider out there, we offer a number of unique features which set us apart.


  • Web-based import and export tools to migrate your email quickly and easily
  • End-User Management features allow users to help themselves
  • Customizable OWA login and logo allow you to hide our brand and look like a large organization
  • With additonal Email Addresses, the ability to update your Primary Address, and using our Email Aggregator tools users can maintain a multitude of identities within a single mailbox.
  • Different Domain-Level Administration roles allow you to delegate management of some features to your staff
  • Active Directory integration with our SharePoint Services allows you to use the same credentials making it easier to stay connected.


* Promotional prices vary based on the length of the contract, lowest rates advertised offered for 1 year terms. Regular contract rates apply at the renewal anniversary of the initial term. For monthly contract: Mobile Email + Outlook - $17.95; Mobile Email - $9.95; Basic Email Bundle - $6.95; SharePoint Services - $22.95; Website and Email Forwarding - $1.50. All prices are in US dollars.


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