What is Friends with Benefits?

It is our newest program wherein you can get rewards by sharing your thoughts about myhosting.com on social media. Contributing to social media channels will earn you "FriendPoints" which can be converted to rewards.

On the first week of each month, you will be awarded based on your participation and your Friend Level. All rewards will be given on a monthly basis and no points can be carried over from the previous month.

Share your myhosting.com experience via social media and receive rewards.

FriendPoints &  Rewards

By talking positively about myhosting.com on any of the approved channels you gain FriendPoints. The more you contribute the higher the rewards! View our point system.

FriendPoints*Friend LevelRewards
0-14Budding FriendshipOur Gratitude
15-39 Friends$10 Credit on main account
40-74Pals $25 Credit on main account
+ Exclusive Friends with Benefits promos
75+BFF (Best Friends Forever)$50 Credit on main account
+ Exclusive Friends with Benefits promos
+ myhosting.com swag

*FriendPoints reset at the beginning of each month.

How do I join?

Sign up for Friends with Benefits through the myhosting.com Control Panel.

To get started,  all you need to do is log in to your control panel and subscribe to our Friends with Benefits program under "More Services" tab. You can start contributing once your membership is confirmed.

Everytime you make a contribution, submit it and monitor your points within the control panel.

Become our Friend!