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Cost: 1 Credit

MySQL optimizations include:

  • Key buffer tuning
  • Max packet setup
  • Query cache tuning
  • table_cache tuning
  • Thread_cache_size tuning
  • table_definitiion_cache
  • Extended status/mod status
  • Set min, max, and startspareservers
  • Set MaxReuestsPerChild
  • CPU thread concurrency setup
  • InnoDB/MyISAM buffer tuning
  • Enable slow query logs
  • setup myisamchk

MySQL Tuning


Tuning your MySQL database can make the difference between hosting 10 websites and hosting 100 websites on a VPS effectively and optimally! Let onCloud Gurus optimize your MySQL database to bring down server load, improve page speed and increase website density on your VPS!

  • ✔ Benchmark your VPS & Website
  • ✔ Optimize MySQL
  • ✔ Benchmark your VPS & Website again
  • ✔ Provide Pre & Post Optimization Report Comparison

Use the form below to request a MySQL Optimization for your VPS! After submission, our Gurus will follow up within 24 hours or the nearest business day. A Guru Service Plan is required.


  1. Any additional modifications required falling outside the above description will be quoted at 1 credit per half-hour.
  2. Guru Services will not provide custom web development / coding.

Personal Information

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Please describe in as much detail as possible the service you are requesting and the reason for the request.*

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Please let us know if there is a specific scheduling request for the work to be completed.



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