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Cost: 1 Credit

VPS security measures include:

  • Create dedicated SSH user
  • Disable direct root login
  • Change SSH default port
  • Disable ping request
  • Setup CSF firewall
  • Setup Mod_Evasive
  • Setup Mod_Security
  • System scan (RootKit Hunter)
  • System scan (Maldet)
  • System scan (Clam AV)
  • Setup Weekly scan (Clam AV)
  • Disable Apache header information
  • Hide PHP Version information
  • Disable FTP. Use SFTP instead
  • Disable shell access for unknown users

VPS Hardening


A VPS is inherently more secure than a typical shared hosting environment, but any web accessible service is suceptible to attack if the proper precautions are not taken. Let onCloud Gurus enhance the security of your VPS and websites!

  • ✔ Analyze your current configuration for vulnerabities
  • ✔ Install and run Antivirus, security monitoring and alerting
  • ✔ Improve the security configuration of your firewall
  • ✔ Provide Pre & Post Security Enhancement Report Comparison

Use the form below to request a VPS Hardening service for your VPS! After submission, our Gurus will follow up within 24 hours or the nearest business day. A Guru Service Plan is required.


  1. Any additional modifications required falling outside the above description will be quoted at 1 credit per half-hour.
  2. Guru Services will not provide custom web development / coding.

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Please describe in as much detail as possible the service you are requesting and the reason for the request.*

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