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Cost: 1 Credit

WordPress Optimizations included:

  • Front page caching
  • Comment & Tag Caching
  • SSL request caching (if applicable)
  • URL Caching with url post
  • Domain only caching
  • HTML & XML minify
  • CSS Minify
  • JS Minify
  • DB Caching
  • Object Cache
  • Browser Cache
  • CDN (if applicable)
  • Install Memcache

WordPress Optimization


WordPress may be the easiest, most popular and powerfully extensible CMS available, but that doesn't mean you want to spend all of your time making sure it runs fast and effectively. Worry about your content and let onCloud Gurus deal with WordPress performance concerns.

  • ✔ Benchmark your WordPress Website
  • ✔ Optimize Website Configuration, WordPress & Plugins
  • ✔ Benchmark your WordPress Website again
  • ✔ Provide Pre & Post Optimization Report Comparison

Use the form below to request a WordPress Optimization service for your VPS! After submission, our Gurus will follow up within 24 hours or the nearest business day. A Guru Service Plan is required.


  1. Any additional modifications required falling outside the above description will be quoted at 1 credit per half-hour.
  2. Guru Services will not provide custom web development / coding.

Personal Information

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Please describe in as much detail as possible the service you are requesting and the reason for the request.*

Please list any related tickets numbers here:

Please let us know if there is a specific scheduling request for the work to be completed.



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