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With website hacking and worm attacks on the rise, now is the time to give your website some added protection. Just as anti-virus software on your PC is considered a necessity, protecting your brand and your online reputation should be also. With HackerWise Reputation Monitoring and Health Scanning services, you can keep an eye on your most important online asset. With literally thousands of websites becoming infected and blacklisted every day, HackerWise will help you prevent your site from becoming a statistic, and keep your business online.


Hacking and Defacement of your website can cause…


  • Impaired website performance
  • Reduced revenue, especially for eCommerce websites
  • Theft of corporate information or customer data
  • Damaged Reputation
  • Hurt your search engine rankings

HackerWise Reputation Monitoring

Our reputation monitoring service will check numerous online blacklists and report back regarding your sites’ status. Blacklist Checks include spam, phishing, fraud and safety and reputation lists. Keep yourself apprised of how the internet sees your site, and react quickly if things change.


HackerWise Health Scanning

Our website health scanning service will perform a comprehensive daily scan of your website, checking for maliciously injected code, malware or vulnerabilities on your website. Your daily report will include a summary for your entire website, allowing you to react quickly if there are any problems. With HackerWise Health Scanning, you can fix problems before your website gets blacklisted. Also included with your scan is our Reputation Monitoring service.


Zero Software, SaaS Deployment

All services are offered within our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. With no software to install and no required changes to your site, you can have another powerful security tool to add to your arsenal in mere minutes.

* Promotional prices vary based on the length of the contract, lowest rates advertised offered for 1 year terms. Regular contract rates apply at the renewal anniversary of the initial term. For monthly contract: HackerWise Reputation Monitoring - $6.00 setup & $1.45/month, HackerWise Health Scanning - $10.00 setup & $2.45/month; All prices are in US dollars.


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